I'd just like to say before anyone reads on - Yes I'm only a young girl and obviously still have alot to learn. But losing weight is a fight for anyone, of any sex/age/race, so please don't think any less of me for being the age I am and wanting to do this. And also...yes, I probably will swear occasionally. My bad :P

Sunday, February 20, 2005

The end of an era...

So its today that I bid farewell to all the *excuse* 'crap' i've been putting in my body for the past...oh lets see, 5 years? Chips, soda's, icecream, deep-fried-anything, and of course...pop tarts. However, nothing makes me happier than deciding this. But then again, I have probably decided this a few hundred times before now. So what makes this time different? Well...nothing, really. All I can do is give it my best and absolutely refuse to give up.
I probably should've started with some sort of self-introduction as opposed to a motivational 'I can do it!' speech...so here goes (again)
I'm a fifteen year old girl and yes...you may laugh at that. You also may laugh that I'm trying to get down from a weight that isn't really considered overweight anyway. But the point is - I'm not happy. I'm not happy being 60kg when I know I can be much less. Yes, I probably care a little too much about peoples opinions of me, but I'm becoming so embarassed about myself I really hate going out. Don't get me wrong, I'm a confident sort of person. I like having lots of friends and am usually always laughing and having alot of fun. But I know inside that I'd be having alot more fun if I only looked the way I know I can. Its something I want to conquer just to show myself I can.
I used to be very athletic and in quite good shape. But after the total blah of puberty I became quite the sloth while TV and junk food became my best friends. Well...sort of. (It was a love/hate relationship ^_^)
As everyone knows, its so very easy to put on weight without really noticing. I mean...you see it of course, but its always 'thats not me!' or 'that was a bad day and I was bloated!!' But really, its time for a change. These are the best years of my life (Or so every depressed adult keeps telling me, anyway) and I have no intention to continue wasting them by being unhappy with my body.
And wow...if I could run for as long as I could talk....well my weight certainly wouldn't be a problem!
But enough of the intro. Tomorrow is a brand new day.